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The Keurig K75 Platinum Brewing System is a premium single cup home coffee brewing system by Keurig.

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Not pouring, also not clogged...

I have a Keurig that I was given for free, if I can fix it. It's serial number start with a 76 but looks just like a K75.

It pulls water in from the water storage, heats it up but does not pour it through to dispense it. I have checked the top pin that punctures the cup and it is not clogged. I have used a turkey baster and been able to suction out hot water through that top pin so I know that tube is not clogged.

So based on that I'm thinking that it's some motor after the boiler that is not working. It's not making any unusual noises.

I'm comfortable replacing a part, as long as I know what part needs replacing. Don't want to spend $50 if it only takes a $15 part. :)

Any ideas? Thanks!


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So so I got my K 75 platinum Keurig coffee maker from a previous owner turned it on and heats up the water but doesn't brew the coffee the water rises slowly in the water reservoir and makes the sound's like it's wanting to brew but drops of coffee comes out but not a full flow like it should I'm pretty sure it's not clogged but not a 100% , what's the best way to fix this? I have an older model Keurig just wanted something better.


I have a K Classic with the removable reservoir. Vinegar did nothing. I took the reservoir off, turned it upside down. Pushing the outlet button down I back flushed the valve and the screen in the reservoir. I put some Dawn in the valve and let it set for a bit, 10 minutes maybe. Flushed the vinegar out and now it makes coffee just like it did new.


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Hi Rich, been looking around and it appears like the keurig only has one pump. but it does have plenty of tubes that could be kinked or blocked. I would open her up and do a good visual inspection, and test any possible leads.

I have also looked around the web and notice not many promising solutions, I would assume you have tried cleaning with vinegar. And actually if the previous owner was running hard water through it then that quite possibly mineral buildup could be the issue.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the help. I'll open her up and take a look. Since there is only one pump and it is pulling water in then it should be able to pump it out. Weird. I'm pretty sure the previous owner was using tap water. :/


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Lift the handle to tilt the top back as you would to normally load the K-cup.

Remove the two screw underneath the cover and pop the tilting top off (two screws underneath release the top cover)

There is an in-line backflow valve just underneath this cover. You should see that it is clogged with residual coffee grounds. Remove it by removing the tie wraps and then pull off the hoses from both ends. Watch for the correct orientation when you remove it. You don't want to put back in backwards!

Run water back and forth through this valve and clean out the old coffee.

Re-install the valve (correct orientation) and to be completely sure of no leaks you may want to re-install some small tie-wraps on the hoses. I have not done this and mine hasn't leaked yet.

Enjoy coffee!

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Finally! That's the tip that did it for me, after trying everything else. That little backflow valve was full of coffee grounds. Back in business, thanks!


Great tip. Really did not "see" any coffee grounds, but it took a couple of good blows to clear the valve. Now things are all back to normal.


I didn't see any grounds in my filter either but working the valve back and forth did seem to fix my issue as well!!! Perhaps they are prone to getting sticky?

When mine was screwing up, I'd get grounds all over the top of the K-cup and that seems to be gone!

Descaling also seemed to help but only for about four cups and it was back to it's weak self.

Thanks for the great and inexpensive tip! I videoed my 'repair' work and will post to YouTube.


Chris, can you post the video?


Hi Wade. Sorry. I was premature in my verdict on the results. It seemed like everything I tried, worked for a few times and then quit. I ended up buying a new one.

I still have the old one that I wish to take completely apart. If you like, I can take a quick video of my disassembled one and show you what I was talking about.

I really liked my first one even better than my new one and so really want it back up and running! Just haven't got back around to it.

Let me know, and I'll do the vid and send it to you or something.

Happy New Year!


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There is another IFIXIT that specifically addresses this condition, BE SURE to also read the comments, one guy messed his up:

How to Keurig K75 Platinum Brewing System

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Old 15k. After totally disassembling it. I was at the end and I remembered it looks kinda like my dishwasher pump wall. Sure enough I blew back from the dispensing hose and well la! A chunk of something white popped out and good as new!!!! So you don't need to totally dis assemble just pop the top off the handle fill with a cup of water and unplug the hose blow into it and then dump the water out. Worked for my 6 year old k15. May not work on all keurig's


Ok in step 4 realigning those rubber circles is tricky, when you push one the others move as well so have to work with it a bit. Also, I took a small pancake compressor with a needle tip and blew air the holes of that white piece attached to the vacuum hose you can see 3 small holes and after a few good burst of air water started shooting out which I think was the issue but this did help thanks.


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There are two sharps that function to pierce the K-cup and provide water flow. The upper one seems to have two orifices just below the sharp tip and these may need to be cleaned out. The lower sharp also has an orifice, I found only one, which pierces the lower part of the cup, perhaps to provide air or water passage. If you brew capacchino or cocoa in addition to coffee, that lower orifice may be clogged. You will need a paper clip, flashlight and glasses to find and clear the orifices. Push clip into orifice about 3/4". Proceed slowly.

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I did some digging today before I found this and decided to take my B150 (commercial brewer) apart to blow compressed air up the exit tube to "clear" it. Well, these big machines are not that simple. I ended up right by the needle and found the backflow preventer. I decided to just remove it to see if it improved flow. Well, it did! I never saw grounds in it and it takes a bit of flow to open the valve. I will monitor it to see if this is true issue or not. If it works for the next week, I will hunt for a new valve, or just omit it?

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I want to thank you for the clear direction. My problem turned out to be a clogged backflow valve... With coffee grounds. I use the filter with ground coffee about 80% of the time and perhaps filled it too full on occasion. Works like a champ again!


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