little inductor broke off logic board, not the blue coil


2 little pieces have broke off the logic board.

They're located here

Block Image

and the little one next to it

Block Image

could that be the reason i can't get a signal?

keeps searching or no service..

Could it be soldered back on and if yes, what are the names of the inductors?

thanks a lot

Updated image

Block Image

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saartje de prijck, your images are a bit to blurry to properly identify your components. Any chance you can post clearer images?


thank you so much :)



is this one better?

i know but i had to resize them :/


Thank you for accepting my answer. Sorry, I could not see your image:-)) I added it to the original question since Comments does not allow you to add images.


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saartje de prijck, your images are a bit fuzzy:-) See if this will answer your question.

Block Image

U3_RF is a RF1642 in a QFN12 package

U21_RF is a 824-2170MHZ filter in a 0402 package. It appears to be one of Murata's "Chip Multilayer LC Filters (BPF)". Something like this most likely.

c46_RF is a 6.3V 10UF 20% capacitor in a 0402 package

Yes, it is possible that these missing components are part of your problem. Hope this helps, good luck.

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