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Western Digital My Book Thunderbolt Duo will not mount.

My Thunderbolt drive Will not mount. Does not even appear in Disk Utility.

The power connects, and you can hear the drive functioning, however the light on the front no longer stays on and the drive does not connect to the computer at all.

When I took out the individual drives and connected them using an external usb device, each drive was fine.

They are RAID partitions, so I cannot recover the data without mounting them together.

So, I am thinking it is the thunderbolt ports. I tried both ports (there are two on the back, and tried a different cable. Nothing happens.


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Do you have access to a second mac? I would give that a try.

Depending on the model both thunderbolt ports are using the same controller logic so if one goes its possible the second has gone as well.

How do you have your equipment powered? Are you using a surge suppressor or a UPS and are pall of the devices sharing the same surge suppressor or UPS? Often I hear burnt ports due to power or lightning damage. I strongly recommend installing a whole house surge suppressor (in your fuse panel) and use a second one for the equipment or better yet use a UPS.

If you get power disruptions or lightning storms then a UPS is a must.

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