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Hard drive not detected

After re opening my mbp 1260 and installing the new SSD, I just can't seem to detect the internal hdd!

I don't want to discount maybe I damaged the hdd cable but before I go and order a hdd cable from ifixit, is there an another way I can test it to see if the cable is working or the problem is different?

I've tried putting back the old hdd to see if it works but the problem persist!

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Hi there...

Did you try booting it with another hard drive with an OS on it? if it starts and you can find and access your hard drive, most likely it means that the bus cable is needs to be changed!

I live in Africa and due to the hot weather I had the same problem, one day starting my MacBook Pro I just saw a question mark flashing at start up! I then booted it with another HD and could read and access my hard drive, but the OS on it wasn't working!

The solution was simply to change the bus cable

Block Image

I worked like a wonder...

This seems to be a common MacBook Pro issue when living in a country with hot weather!

Good luck...

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Here is another pix


and the ref number...



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Ooops the pix...

Block Image

Block Image

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