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The 2014 version of the Galaxy Note 10.1", running a Exynos 5 processor and 3 Gb of ram. Released October 2013.

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white screen on my new samsung tab 10.1 2014


i have just bought the subject tablet in less than three weeks ago. In the first week, while trying to download apps, the screen blank out i.e. became white and after switching off and back on again, turned normal. In the process of downloading more apps and other personal stuff, white screen appeared again and have since not been able to operate normally. Every efforts to get rid of the white screen have been unfruitful. Tried to hot-boot the system but only appears normal for a few minute and the white screen will re-appear again. It's a bit disappointing as this is my first trail on Samsung tabs.

I will appreciate any help you can offer to get this resolved. I know there is a solution out there for this problem


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Considering you bought it less than a month ago, I'd suggest getting it replaced under warranty.

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I dropped my galaxy note 10.1, 2014 edition a few weeks ago. The screen did not Crack, but it was dark and appeared to not be working. I read on another site to remove the back and unplug the batteries and both ribbon cables. I waited a few minutes and then reconnected everything (the batteries last). When I snapped the back in place and flipped it over, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was working again as if I had never dropped it.

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It worked. Thanks


Is this really working man? Cos i fell mine too but haven't done any fix yet.... How should i precisely try this?


Hi @ Edgar Mchome,

If you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 then click on the device icon in the top right of this page to find the ifixit repair guides which explain how to open the tablet etc.


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