Released on July 21, 2011. Core i5 or Core i7 Processor. Thunderbolt. This unit is also used to run the Mac mini Server configuration.

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Screw holes to secure bottom plate stripped, what to do?

I recently replaced the hdd of my Mac Mini with a SSD, but unfortunately the somewhat fragile screw holes to hold the little roster with the wifiantenna, which also secures the bottom plate got stripped.

My first though was to use bigger screws, but then the bottom plate will probably not fit anymore, as the lock system needs the exact same size screws.

Any ideas to fix this problem?

Right now i used some tape to hold the little screws in place, but this is a poor mans solution and will not hold very well in the end, especially when i have to open it again for whatever reason...

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Fill the hole with a few drops of Elmer's glue this will hold the screw solid enough when it dries (you're not restraining Elephants). Torquing the screw will break the dried glue free at disassembly time

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