Mid 2006 / model number A1181 / black or white case / 1.83 or 2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo processor.

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Replaced parts, now a black screen?

Hello. First, I will give you a breakdown of what I have done. Also I am so sorry if I mispell, or my English is bad, it is not my first language.

The device is a White 2006 Macbook A1181. 13''

I was told a few years ago the system had a bad logic board. The wifi didnt work unless you were a few inches away from the router and the machine got so very hot, which I believe to be typical of this model, after reading what other people online have said.

So recently I bought some replacement parts online, and last night, I used the guides here on ifixit for the replacement procedure.

I replaced the Logicboard

I replaced the wifi card

I also replaced the fan.

Got a lot of dust out.

Getting the case off, alone, is a lot of steps for the device, and a huge pain haha.

Once I have everything back to normal, I turn on the power.

The magsafe adapter is plugged into the laptop. The computer chimes on and I can hear the fan an drives, but there is no screen. It is black.

I wonder if I did not re connect the lcd properly, or maybe the logicboard is incompatable.

I hope not as the one coming out of the machine originally, is now a bit damaged. I could probably fix it with the right tools, but they are not too expensive for me online, if I need another one.

I have tried re setting the PRAM and taking the RAM out and trying to boot up for RAM reset. This does not work. This was holding down command/option/p/r and letting it chime 3x.

I also held down c another time turning it on.

I tried holding down shift another time also.

I have tried seeing if i can boot the OS bootable from a usb and I cant see the screen to do anything. Holding down the option button.

I have taken the battery out and hold down the power for 5 seconds and put battery back in. Still the same.

When I left it on, walked away for 20 minutes and came back, I could see a very faint graphic of when I hit the power button to turn it off, asking me if I want to shut down, as if it werent having an issue, barely visable.

I have no external monitor to try this out on. I hope if it isnt going to use the original lcd screen I can use an external monitor for this. I have one in storage but that doesnt help me at home haha.

Later I can reopen the casing and find out if I overlooked anyting with connections inside. I would just like some opinions and possible help from anyone. I am not a expert but I am not much of a novice or afraid to get into my computer. Advice or need some possible guidance.

I am just trying to fix it for my friend so she can find work easy when she arrives in the states soon.

Thank you for any help. And ask me anything about this.

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what are the numbers on the old logic board and what are the numbers on the new one? There should be numbers on that start with something like 820-XXXX(four numbers)


I am not sure. I have found a 824-00275F on the old one. I am about to re open the computer in a few minutes to check the back light connector, I can see what the other one has for the number.


!@#$. I was in there and forgot to look.


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You have to connect to an external monitor to rule in or out the GPU (VGC). If you see no video on an external monitor the problem is most likely your GPU (VGC)/logic board (they are of all one piece - there are no separate GPU's on 99.0044% if all laptop boards).

In the meantime go over all your connectors (many times failure is a lose connection). If the LCD manufacture part number does not match or come up comparable on a list of replacement LCD's that might be your problem.

If shining a light through the back of the laptop shows some image it's your back light or back light controller/cable.

If this answer is acceptable please remember to return and mark it.

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This helps me a lot. I will try this and update the result at a later time. Thank you, I knew it would be good to ask :)


I held light up to the apple on the back had shine through and saw picture. I went into the machine and reconnected everything just to be sure. Nothing different. Same problem. I will have to test it on the monitor to see if I can just mount it on the back and it can be use as a desktop maybe. Not today but I will update in a few days when I have the chance to do this test.


Since you're seeing video your logic board and GPU are OK. Might also be the inverter board on a machine this age, or the back light on the replacement LCD (talk with your vendor about this).


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