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Released May 2012, identified by model number J2011-03-US.

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Why does my Jam Wireless speaker disconnect on its own?

Disconnect from my iPhone music on its own. I turn it on and within a minute it shuts the music off.

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i also find that although my jam speaker is always plugged in it mysteriously powers off almost immediately-what is going wrong?


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Is this happening when you have it fully charged or powered? You may have a problem with your systems Bluetooth here as well. Try something else via Bluetooth does it work? And also try your Jambox off a different PC as well.

Jawbone Big Jambox Battery Replacement

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Same problem, women's voice a minute later says powering off.

I am going to charge it several hours and see what happens. Make sure when charged have it plugged in and connected. I hope it is this simple.

If not, Will find manual and see what it says. Perhaps it is a feature need I g to be reset.....


Ditto, same problem. Thought I was too far away, but using a HP Envy, we good Bluetooth, and the speaker just shuts off. It is fully charged and just decides to turn off by itself.. That totally sucks!


Batteries do wear out! Check the USB cable and the charger to make sure its working correctly. You may want to get USB Mini Voltmeter to monitor its charging


Thank you Dan.. but I have only used this device 4 times in the last 6 months and my cables are fine, just chaged my phone and camera with same cable. Plus I am using it with the device plugged it. I think this is just a defective device.. and if the batter wears out that quickly, really not worth owning is it?


@Will Held - Jawbone went belly up over two years ago. So if you only had your speaker for a few months you got a very old unit (last production was over four years ago). At this point I think your battery is like gone.


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Same problem

Only happens when listening to iheart

All other streaming sites work flawlessly

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That makes little sense. The OS manages the Bluetooth connection.

The app (iHeartRadio) only knows to pump the music to an OS interrupt service which then the OS sends to the output device: internal DAC for the analog internal speakers or headphone jack. Or to a digital connection which could be a USB. Ethernet, Bluetooth or WiFi port.

Are you sure the app is in its self failing to hold the data stream over the internet (ethernet or WiFi Network not reliable)? Sometimes we become over focused on the end result we fail to see the linkages from start to end.


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I have the same problem. I have hardly used this machine because of it. It may be too late for me to now to get a refund. I am fed up with it. It is a useless piece of kit. I have the phone right beside it to help it and it still powers off by itself. Never buy one of these if you are reading this. USELESS

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Try using an aux cable. If it does the same thing then the speaker is the problem.

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