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Aspire 5315 Series features Intel Celeron mobile processor and Mobile Intel GL960 Express Chipset

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How Do I repair My LCD Screen?

My LCD screen does not come on during startup or once windows has fully loaded, however if i press the function key together with F5 then it lights up perfectly but only for a few seconds then goes back to black, im using it with a external monitor attached currently and the vga output works perfectly. but its basically turned a laptop into a desktop now Please helppppp!!!!!

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Since it is able to output a display onto external monitor, it seems that the laptop have issues with its component(s). Either it is a Graphics Chipset failure or the LCD Ribbons/Inverter cables are damaged/loose and disconnected from the motherboard.

If you wish to repair it yourself, this video shows you the dismantling of Acer Aspire 5315:

So before ordering any specific replacement components (new LCD screen/video card), I suggest you may want to disassemble the laptop using an online guide and see if all components are properly intact and aligned.

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