Replace connection/insulated wire on Sunbeam Sandwich Press GR8210?

Our sandwich press died and after fixing a few iphones and imac's i figured how hard could it be? If it works I might put together a guide for the repair :-) doesn't look to hard!

So far I have pulled it apart and found a connection which is broken preventing the circuit from being completed as shown in the photos. I cleaned off the damaged connection and put it in place and plugged it in and the light came on!

Any suggestions where I would buy the special cable and connections? Do you think I need to desolder the existing connection and put a new one on? It looks like a clamping type for securing the cable in place? Any special tools you think I might need to complete the fix?

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Reuben Richardson, that is a simple spade connector. Remove the connector from the heating element. You may have to use some pliers to pull the old connector off. Get a new connector from any hardware or decent department store (they have the crimping tool for those as well. Place the wire end in the connector and use the tool to crimp the end of the connector. Here is a decent video

Block Image

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Thankyou, I'll try and fix it next weekend! Any idea on what type of cable it is? I looked online but couldn't find it.


Not quite sure what you mean by "what type of cable"


By cable I meant the insulated copper wire. It looks like its heat resistant and had a powder as I pulled back the braided insulation(The yellow and green, blue and orange) All similar but different colour.

I might need another length of it as the existing might not be long enough. Shall see.


I'd use some 16AWG THHN (thermoplastic high heat-resistant) nylon coated wire.


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