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Clothes dryer repair and support guides.

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Kenmore Elite HE3 GAS dryer not getting hot? Solved

As per the Tech Sheet that was provided with the dryer, I have worked my way through all the tests, including the Thermal Fuse (continuity ok), Thermal Cut-off (continuity ok) Gas Value (within resistance), Outlet Thermistor (within resistance) and High Limit Thermostat (continuity ok) and now it is telling me to "replace the machine control electronics". Can this be correct? It seems a lot of people are changing the Outlet Thermistor, but mine is read around 9.5 - 10, which is within the resistance chart for around 80 degrees (although the house is probably closer to 73 degrees).

When I start the dryer, the element is getting red, the flame is getting ignited in the tube, but quickly goes out (15 seconds) and then there is a small flame closer to the front panel and then it goes out.

Based on this information, should I start with the Outlet Thermistor or just change out the "Machine Control Electronics"? I assume that can't be cheap and where do I find it for a good price?

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Gas Valve Solenoid

The gas valve has two or more electric solenoids which open the valve to let the gas flow into the burner assembly. If the dryer doesn't heat one or more of the solenoids may be defective. If the igniter glows for 90 seconds but the burner flame doesn't light, replace these coils as a set.

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So my wife called the repairman (without me knowing) and I think he diagnosed the same problem, "Gas Valve Bad". The price for the part is $250, plus a $150 to install...seem high to me. I just checked with Sears and I think the same part is $199. Does this sound right and is it easy to install? Thank you in advance for your help.

UPDATE - I just talked with the repair guy and he stated that if the gas pressure is good it has to be the valve because it is initially opening and then closing hence the single flame closer to the front of the machine...there is not enough pressure to light the tube. Does this sound accurate?

The ETA of the part through the repairman and Sears is 7-10 business days. I can expedite the order for $50 and get it here in 2 days. Any thoughts and should I check another site for the part.


I found the solenoids for $14.40 each. Could you please give me your model number? I also found a video on how to replace them.


My model number is #11096762700 and they are telling me to order PART NUMBER: W10118347.


Here's the Kenmore Dryer Gas Valve Solenoid 279834 for $14.40. Go there and enter your model number and reasonable prices on parts will come right up.


Ok, parts are on order for $42, which includes over-night delivery. My wife and three kids need some clean clothes that aren't wet so money well spent. Will give an update tomorrow after instillation. Thank you again.


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