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2.26 or 2.4 GHz / White plastic unibody enclosure

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MacBook Bottom Case Replacement Program

i need a rubber base cover thats attached to the bottom of my mac book . its 6.1 model year 2009 . i believe apple had a replacement scheme as it was a fault, the rubber base peeling back. i took mine off and find it impossible to get to the right people at apple and need to replace the base . anyone can you help me

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Here's how to get it replaced by Apple:

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they will only fix it if you're within 3 years of original purchase date. don't ask me why they decided that. but I took mine all the way to the apple store 40 minutes away after the apple phone support told me to. and they wouldn't fix it. offered to waive labor charges, but it still would have been $80. i passed


Pimply faced smart @%^ genius at the Apple store do not know how to read. Go to the link I gave and read "This program covers affected MacBooks for FOUR years from original purchase date. Apple will continue to evaluate the service data and will provide further extensions to this program as needed." Contact Apple directly.


I'm sorry. I did follow that link later and saw the 4 year thing. Mine was purchased in may of 2011, putting my 4 months past the 4 year window. Oddly the bottom started peeling in April. If I had known about the program then I would have been covered! I'm placing another call to apple since the first women I talked to told me I could get it fixed and I think she offered me a replacement via mail. Hard to remember. I called 2 months ago. And I think I passed cuz I wanted to take it a store. Backfire!! But I may be delirious. Anyway. I'll update after my phone call.


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They blankly refused to do anything as far as replacment of the base despite minimal usage they applied the 4 year rule. I am not at all happy as a regular Apple customer will think twice before the purchase of any more products

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@Mark - While I do sympathize with you there is a point all companies have to end support.

In this case a free replacement of the bottom cover due to a bad part that they did notify people ending in four years is reasonable. You still have a few more years before Apple ends support completely.

If your system is like new I would go back and talk with the service manager, maybe you can sway him. I've been able to in the past ;-}

Remember honey goes along way where vinegar won't! He maybe willing to go half way you pay for the part and he'll thou in the labor to put it on.


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