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What should I do with the motherboard in my Toshiba Satellite L510?

i try looking tutorial in internet but i stuck on this https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BtOWKcbCAAA9... , can i stick the new part of nec tokin 0e907 now? or i should clean more? i'm so newbie about electronic component

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kelvin desman, zoom out and you need to give us the whole board picture as well. It will always come in handy to see where the part is located in relation to the board. Is your question how to fix it, what to fix? What have you done so far? the more detail you can give, the greater the likelihood of getting a valid answer.


we need more information to help you, maybe a alink to the guide your following or even what your doing


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This capacitors often make a problems. This is 900uf 2.5v capacitor. You can found the same or use several smaller SMD tanatlum capacitors (together they must have the same or a larger value).




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can u tell me how to place it?


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