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The HTC Droid Incredible is a Verizon-exclusive Android smartphone released in April 2010.

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Repair guide for HTC Droid Incredible?

Is there one coming out anytime soon?

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I don't really have an answer for if/when, but a look at the mobile device section of our site will show that we're starting to write repair guides for more Android phones.

For instance, we have repair guides for the Motorola Droid, the Droid 2, and the HTC Evo, all of which were written by iFixit staff.

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The iFixit staff only really make guides for Mac+iPod. The community makes them for whatever. So basically: it comes out as soon as you make it- I'd get on it then if I was you :)

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I agree with rab ;-)

but why do you want it ? - you wrote about a "repair guide" - so is there actually a problem with it ?

i think that those phones don't need a 100% guide to change a lcd or something like that, those models are all very similar and that should be good enough to take them apart.

but as you can see on youtube (click) - there are disassembling videos of the droid incredible

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I think it's fair to say too that iFixit will probably do a teardown, it's popular enough, if not some user will.


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