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Swap motherboard to increase storage?

Readers Digest version: I need to replace my screen, but due to intense cracking in the glass I've lost some components to the front facing camera and ear piece. I'm looking into purchasing a 'as-is/for parts' phone to replace what is lost.

What I'd like to know is, while I'm in there, can I swap out the motherboard of an 8gb iPhone 4S for, let's say a 32gb 4S to increase my storage capability??

I'm hesitant to just try and find out, because I'm leery of damaging a perfectly good phone... Please, please, please help!

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Yes you can swap a 4s motherboard with another One with bigger storage

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Now to elaborate on that... Will it change the phones identity? I mean, will it tie that phone to a different serial number? And if the phone I use doesn't have a clean ESN, will it render the receiving phone inoperable?


Yes, everything will change. Swapping motherboard is the same as swapping the entire phone.


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