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The Sony Ericsson K810i is a member of the Sony Ericsson line and features a 3.2 MP Sony Cyber-Shot camera. Released February 2007.

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keypad not working propperly

The 1,3 and 6 keys aren't working.i have updated the phone software,and they start to work but only for a day,and since then they have worked from time to time.what could be the problem???

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Have you dropped your phone? Could this be the cause?


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many SE phones have those problems - but sometimes different causes.

  1. fluid damages
  2. problems with the memory card (sounds stupid - but in fact, they are sometimes the troublemaker)
  3. defective keyboards
  4. bad connection to the logic board

the first step would be to remove the memory card - if it works after that - be happy - you didn't have to open the phone - if not - the fun will begin ;-)

get the proper tools and open the phone, check it for fluid damages, if everything is ok, check the keypad connector - reseat it (unplug/plug it in) and reassemble the phone - if it works, great - you just saved yourself 9.99$, if not - go to ebay and order a new keypad for 9.99$ (i think you know what to do with it when it arrives ;-) )

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