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The Alienware M14x R2 is a 14-inch gaming laptop.

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Ram and/or CPU upgrades? (M14X R2 Laptop)

It's easy enough to buy 16gb ram sticks but how well will they work with this device if at all.

Also, I know replacing the cpus in this bad boy might be a little more difficult and expensive but will doing so even be a good idea? Which cpu would be recommended?

Anyone else try any other upgrades for this beautiful laptop?

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You have two issues here:

Your system specs state the max configuration is 16GB while you might be able to push your system to 32GB you will likely face issues with the systems firmware as well as its battery life. Here's a Dell vid on how to upgrade: How to remove the memory on the Alienware M14x R2. You may want to post your question on their support site if 32GB has even been tested Dell Technical Support.

The second issue here is the OS you have may not recognize the memory. Here's a rundown of the limits of Windows 7:

  • Windows 7 Ultimate X86 4 GB X64 192 GB
  • Windows 7 Enterprise X86 4 GB X64 192 GB
  • Windows 7 Professional X86 4 GB X64 192 GB
  • Windows 7 Home Premium X86 4 GB X64 16 GB
  • Windows 7 Home Basic X86 4 GB X64 8 GB
  • Windows 7 Starter X86 2 GB

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