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How to install airport card and which is compatible?

I was trying to install an airport card extreme but its not compatible with the 2005 mac mini. I don't know if I'm missing an extra part or what. The old piece has a black plug on the bottom and a has a port that connects to the logic board. the new card i ordered said it was compatible but its not fitting. The new card has a longer port that doesn't fit the logic board and it has 2 holes for an antenna. btw my mac mini doesn't have an antenna.

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Apple had an upgrade kit which had all of the needed pieces (no longer available) to upgrade your system.

It sounds like you only got the AirPort card alone. Here's the IFIXIT guide to replace the antenna: Mac mini Model A1176 AirPort Antenna Replacement so you can see where it fits.

As to the needed parts here's the list:

  • Mezzanie Board - 922-6530 / 922-6893 (Late '05) @ 2
  • Interconnect Board - 922-6672 / 922-6894 (Late '05) @ 2
  • AirPort Card - 661-3045
  • AirPort Antenna - 922-6672 / 922-6894 (Late '05)
  • BlueTooth Board - 922-6530 @ 2
  • BlueTooth Antenna - 661-6674
  • #0 Phillips screws - 922-6680 @ number needed above

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