Replaced AC compressor, worked briefly, now non-functional

The AC in my 2005 Mazda 3 stopped working 6 months ago. Finally got around to working on it: replaced the high pressure hose, then realized the compressor had seized. Just finished putting the new compressor in.

I cleaned the system with solvent and put it under -30psi vacuum for ~an hour. Then charged it up, and it worked great! For about ten minutes. Then the AC started fluctuating in temperature from room temp to cold. Then I got a burning smell and it stopped cooling.

The AC clutch is not engaging now. The low side of the ac was at 50psi when I charged it, and it's at ~150psi now (but the car is hot).

Any ideas? I'm thinking it might be a stuck expansion valve. There was a bit of metal in the oil from the old compressor.

Update: My friend posted a request over here and some mechanics have replied with a few ideas. I'm going to order a new condenser, dryer, and expansion valve next.

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Kyle, just to make sure, you did check the fuses and the A/C relay to make sure those are working? Also, you checked the voltage on your clutch? DESCRIPTION • Magnetic clutch does not operate.

• Malfunction in PCM AlC cut control system

• Malfunction in climate control unit

• Malfunction in refrigerant pressure sensor

• Malfunction in PCM (AiC signal)

• Malfunction in PCM (IG1 signal)

POSSIBLE • Malfunction in AlC compressor

CAUSE • Malfunction in AlC relay

• Malfunction in evaporator temperature sensor

• Malfunction in BCM

• Malfunction in instrument cluster

• Malfunction in CAN communication

• Improper refrigerant charging amount


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