Stuck in recovery mode

I got an iPhone 4s that I'm trying to get working. THe problem is it is stuck on the recovery screen with the iTunes logo and connector image. The phone was being upgrade to 7.1.2 but didn't finish and went into this recovery mode loop. I've tried a few different things - going into DFU mode, restore to another iOS version, using a few different software tools to kick it out of recovery mode but no luck. iTunes does give unknown error 1 which seems to be related to the baseband version conflicting with the iOS version? I've searched a lot but haven't been able to find any solution. Any thoughts on how to troubleshoot this? I don't need to save any of the data on the phone either.

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I talked to those cats at the Apple store and they said it was a hardware failure so looks like this phone is not coming back to life.


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Hello sorry but I have never heard of any1 fixing the error 1 problem before

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That's what I've seen. I guess there's no way to replace the modem or whatever is causing the issue ...



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