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Can I upgrade AirPort card?

I have a non-unbody MacBook Pro, and I would like to know if I can upgrade its AirPort card in order to have a 4.0 bluetooth for Yosemite and Handoff.

Thanks for all.

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To soon to tell for sure as Yosemite is still in beta if Handoff services will work with older systems with 3rd party hardware.

The next issue is the WiFi antenna in your system is limited so you won't get the throughput 802.11ac could offer.

As for Bluetooth 4.0 services alone here you will need a USB dongle.

Don't forget, not all of the older systems will be able to support Yosemite.

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My MBP is currently working with Mavericks, and I have Yosemite on external HDD, so it supports Yosemite. As soon as Apple releases Yosemite's final version I will try an external Bluetooth.

Thanks for your help.


Happy to hear you have a newer system which supports it.


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