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Part of the Rebel Series, the Canon Rebel T4i is a Digital SLR with an 18 megapixel sensor with an LCD monitor. Also known as the EOS 650D.

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mirror looking object broke off inside lense/camera

A small mirror object has broken or fallen out of my camera where I attach/detach my lense? is this easily repaired and how so?

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Your camera uses a mirror to send the light into your eyepiece so you can see what the image looks like (at a 45 degree angle).

This is a very special mirror and its not something one can change out easily.

You will need to completely disassemble the camera to replace the part. There isn't an IFIXIT guide to help you here.

Because this is such a big job I would recommend sending it in to Canon for them to repair.

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Bryan, look at the mirror. There will be four little dots on it, two close together. two far apart. The dots that are far apart go to the bottom inside of the mechanical shelf that holds the mirror. There is a very thin plastic film piece that sits below the mirror. It has a very thin border at the bottom and is thicker at the top, with an odd shaped opening in the middle.

If the small plastic part is also falling out you will need to replace it first. Using a very small portion of thin two way tape, tape the plastic piece by putting tape on the bottom left and right sides of the plastic. Press it into place. The holder plate is recessed to accept the plastic piece, and it will sit for you. Now do the same thing with the mirror. Lay it down with the dots facing up. Using your fingernail, rub off any glue residue (the dots). Take two at tape and cut three small pieces. One will go on the upper part to cover both dots in the center (remember the dots are closer on top). Using one small part of each of the bottom sides, place the tape over the dot area. Nor flip the mirror over and place it in the holder with the tape facing down, and the long centered part to the top.

Its fixed. You need to clean the mirror by gently wiping it with an appropriate cloth. Blow and dust out of the cavity. You may need to adjust your eyepiece... Good luck.

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