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An Android-based HTC smartphone, first released in 2011. (Also known as the HTC Sensation 4G.)

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restarts when ever it wants to.

hi, i'm having problems with the same thing but every now and them my phone will restart and then turn back on when ever it wants too, i look on you tube how i can solve this, it says that where the battery sits in the phone is too big and the battery it self is to small so they told me to take a piece of a card cut it and fit it in between the battery holder and the battery its self. i tried this and for some reason it keeps turning off still and restarting. i hope some can tell me how i can fix this problem?

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Try to shake the phone. If the phone goes of or restarts then:

Start with cleaning the battery connectors (at the phone and at the battery).

Next, try with another battery (if you have a friend with the same model you can exchange the batteries).

A sure sign that the battery is not good is, if it ends quickly.

Next - someone must to open the phone and check the main board for a damage.


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Finally broke down and started dismantling mine (see screen replacement instructions). The metal shield around the battery compartment just below the camera is sharp and chafed through and shorted the flex cable to the shield. If this hasn't destroyed the power supply your phone may be recoverable. If you see this use thin quality tape to cover the short, reassemble, and test. If it works bending/trimming the shield may be a more permanent fix.

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once I had a bad battery, that made the phone restart when the phone needed some power(for example when started downloading something, turned the wifi on, turned the flashlight on, used bluetooth, etc) that was because the battery was not powerful enough to deliver the current to the phone and it caused reboots, after a while it caused the emmc of the phone to fail and it actually killed the phone. :(

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