13" aluminum unibody, 2.0 or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor.

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Replacing or upgrading cpu and how?

I have a Macbook 13" late 2008 model 2.0 ghz and it won't boot. I thought it might be the heatsink but it looks fine so does everything else. What happened was I tried replacing the dc jack unfortunately it wasn't the right model and all of a sudden the pc powered off and the fan would just run and run until the battery ran out. I want to try to replace the cpu but I want to know if it's possible with a heat gun? Also if it's a go instead of keeping my crappy 2.0 GHz processor how far up can I upgrade?

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So I bought the 2.4 ghz logic board and am typing this from my laptop. Yes it is back to life.. But the bottom part won't close fully is that because?.. I'm worried if maybe it was my heat sink that needed replacement and if so should I not be using my laptop right now.. Would my laptop still boot even if there was a bad heat sink in it.. All in all this was an awfully expensive ordeal I think I spent close to or over 500 dollars the logic board was 280 canadian.

P.S. I ordered as well as 2 4gb of ram has been my long time dream to upgrade my laptops ram :D.


Sounds like you got a different series board if it does not fit cleanly (the one designed to fit your case). I would talk with the seller to get the correct board. As to trying to force fit it by swapping out the heat sink: I don't think that is wise and it may not work either as the mount points could be different and the hight of the heat sink may not be what is holding things up.


I upgraded to 2.4 ghz the heat sink fits cleanly onto the board. The laptop runs smooth it's not the i can't close it I can it's just bulging out a bit.


where is it bending? That is what is different between the old and new logic board. If the logic board was for the same series case (Unibody MacBook5,1) this would not be an issue.


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The CPU's on this logic board are not designed to be replaceable.

I also don't think replacing the CPU is what you need to do here. I suspect the FET's and other parts in the charging circuit have been damaged and will likely need replacing.

I would strongly recommend just swapping out the logic board given what you have already attempted for a repair on this one.

As to going with a faster CPU, you might be able to find a replacement 2.4GHz logic board in this series.

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Okay so if I get a 2.4 GHz just cause I found one for the same price as the 2.0 would I need to upgrade the ac/dc jack or anything? What I'm asking is do I need to give it more power and upgrade the battery and the jack or does everything work the same? On a side note I know in my electronics class we removed microchips with heat guns and replaced them with heat guns that's why I ask.. Do you mean like the MOSFET?? Replacing these little things is a way cheaper than replacing the whole logic board.


To start with you'll need to replace the DC Inboard with the correct unit.


You'll need to replace the local board within the same series (Unibody MacBook5,1). No, you don't need to replace the power adapter or the battery (as long as they are working).


These CPU chips are Ball Gate Array (BGA) as such they can't be removed or replaced with a heat gun. Besides changing the chip won't change anything here as you must replace it with the same chip it was designed to support. Intel does not offer a newer CPU that is pin compatible with this series.


Yes MOSFET a.k.a. FET they control the power which is were your problem is. But given the possible damage I would recommend the swap out of the logic board as being easier.


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