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Slow, lagging. When using internet, ads popping up EVERYWHERE!

My MacBook is running slow, lagging really bad when searching the internet, opening big applications, etc. There are so many annoying ads EVERYWHERE, no matter which internet app I use. The memory isn't close to full and I don't have unnecessary or large files. I ran the app ClamXav checking for possible viruses, it showed nothing. I read that Trojans and viruses are different. Any recommended programs I can download? I would even consider spending a little money to solve this problem, if need be. Any info, much appreciated!

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To start with I would get a better antivirus app that also checks for trojans and other malware. Sophos is a good start Intego and Norton for Mac is what we use.

In most cases your Safari application has been hit. The trick here is flushing it of the junk using the Reset Safari menu choice making sure all of the check offs are set. If you can't seam to overcome the trojan/malware create a new user and delete this user. Just make sure you correctly set the new user as admin.

I would also look at upgrading the OS to Mavericks and I would also look at getting an external HD or thumb drive setup with a bootable OS on it so you can properly check your internal HD (of course make sure you have backups of all of your stuff first). Frankly I would also spend some money of getting a defraging app as often the HD over time needs a good defrag. We use Drive Genius and every year we give the systems a good cleaning.

  • Checking the HD
  • Defraging the HD
  • Cleaning out old logs
  • Updating apps
  • Running a deep check for any security issues.

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