Battery Bank USB Female port HARDLY has any connection with the USB

So last year I got this Battery Bank from Spire for my phone and it worked fine for 2-3 months then one day I started to notice I had to apply pressure with my USB under certain angle so the USB would get contact with it and start charging my phone.

I tried looking if there was any dust and cleared out what was there, tried 3 different USB cables but still no help.

So I'm turning to you guys hoping that you can point me into the right direction at least.

Thank you in advance!!!

Here are 2 close-ups images:

And this is how I have to apply pressure (almost really hard) to have ANY contact and start charging):

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The unit has a 2 year warranty. I would see about getting it replaced as the connector solder joints inside are likely broken. From your pictures the contacts appear to be intact and have not been deformed so I don't see the external side of the connector as being the issue here.

These units are often welded so you can't open them. Looking at what I can see on your pictures and what I find on the web I don't see any means to open the unit (screws).

I supplied you the link above to their web site for the addresses and phone numbers - Good Luck!

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