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Miniature one watt version of the classic Marshall half stack. With a tone knob and overdrive channel, it offers portability without sacrificing playability.

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Micro Amp Battery power not working.

My MS-2R micro amp by Marshall has never failed me in the past but I recently noticed that when I try to use battery power it doesn't work. The wall input works and sounds fine but the battery power doesn't work. I have replaced and used at least 3 different batteries but still no solution.

please help, have a nice day

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Had same problem

I Took the thing apart and there was nothing wrong, I took the wires off the battery contacts and put them directly onto the battery and it worked. So I discovered the problem was the battery wasn't wedged up against the the contacts hard enough. So I cut a piece of card and folded it in half and wedged the battery in there. Switched it on and it started first time, never had a problem since

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Ahhh thank you!! This worked for me - I also had looked inside and all wires seemed fine - did as you suggested and bingo!


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