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Google Chrome OS Cr-48 Chromebook, released December 2010.

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Why is my Chromebook battery not recharging?

When I plug in my chromebook, it powers the device, but the battery is not being recharged.

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This is a common defect in the Cr-48. While there is no permanent fix, there is a good workaround the Google Support Site provides.

1. Remove the power adapter and battery from the Chromebook.

2. Re-attach the battery to the Chomebook, and make sure your adapter is plugged into a live outlet.

3. When plugging the adapter into the Chromebook, see if orange charging light next to the power port turns on.

4. If the light is not on, unplug the adapter and plug it back in, This may need to be repeated 6 - 12 times in two second intervals (two seconds plugged in, two seconds unplugged).

5. Once the charging light stays on, leave it charging for 24 hours so it is completely charged.

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Mine still doesn't show the charging light


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