Quality of replacement glass

Do any of the replacement LCD assemblies use gorilla glass? I've looked online and have been unable to prove what kind of glass is used in the replacement digitizers. Previous replacement parts I have used all seem like good, quality parts but the glass seems weaker. Maybe it is thinner? Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated.


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I can't tell you the material of the glass because that need to test. But i can tell an easy way to distinguish the original touch panel with custom one, and the original one is absolutely high quality and has same material with your own.

1. Pay attention to the part inside of the red circle, the picture 1 is custom, and picture 2 is original. That's the main difference and the necessary criterion of judgment.

2. Their weight are a little different. The original one is 15.4g, the custom one is 16.4g. But that's not the most important.

3. Also can see the QR code.

Block Image

Block Image

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