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Why does flashing folder/question mark appear after replacing HD?

Mac shutting down unexpectedly. Could not reboot without avoiding another shutdown. Bought new battery. Replaced the HD (with a 160gb 2.5 Sata Hard Drive for Mac/MacbookPro 16MB Cache 7200 RPM ).

Now. Turned it on for the first time after the new install and a flashing folder with a question mark inside appears on my screen. Holding combinations like Option, Option+R, Option+cmd+R does not do anything.

P.s. Shutting down problem unfortunately not resolved despite the new HD (but still did not manage to get past the flashing folder)

Many many thanks in advance !

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New HD's won't have OS-X installed on it. So getting a blinking question mark is to be expected. What you'll need to do is find your recovery CD/DVD that came with your system to install the OS onto your new HD. If you have a external HD that has the OS installed on it as a bootable disk you could try starting your system booting off if it and then prepping the HD that way.

If you don't have a copy of the recovery CD/DVD you can order it from Apple or you can install it from a Snow Leopard CD/DVD retail copy. Lastly you could try going to a authorized Apple service center to have them setup your HD.

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Thank you so much for this. I have managed to do so. Unfortunately I still could not fix the problem on my mac... Any idea what it could be?

It basically shuts down all the time. It does not last more than 15 mn. I cannot even reinstall Snow Leopard because I cannot get to the end of the installation process, it shuts down less than halfway through.


OK, so the HD is not your root problem here. Adding the new HD just confused things.


As it sounds the SMC services thinks there is a problem with something so it shuts the system down. With the battery removed and the power adapter plugged in can you get the system to boot up? And what color is the connectors LED.


Ok sorry about that.

It does boot up and the connector LED is green.

However it always shuts down during the Snow Leopard installation process. Always when 28 mn are left...


Good so we know its not a power issue. With your original HD back in does the problem show up? Or is it only when you are prepping the new HD?


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