Apple iPhone 5s, 10 Eylül 2013 tarihinde duyuruldu. Bu cihazı tamir ederken daha önceki modellerde kullanılan aynı tornavida ve plastik açma araçları gereklidir. GSM/CDMA olarak, 16,32, 64 GB kapasiteli Gümüş, Altın ve Uzay Grisi renkli modelleri mevcuttur.

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Logic board chipped - What will be affected?

So I recently received an iPhone 5S with terrible body damage (the phone is destroyed from ringer switch up). It was assumed that the motherboard and battery were in tact and that a body replacement could go without question. Upon further inspection, that was correct down to the smallest piece of logic board screwed in next to the camera. This small piece chipped from the board, and it appears to contain one IC and a contact.

I've gotten the phone to boot to the lock screen perfectly fine. What I ask today is if anyone knows whether or not this phone would be worth fully repairing giving this damage. I'm curious about functionality...

What are the negative effects of this part being chipped?

What ICs are attached to this small part and what functionalities might be affected?

Is the entire board not worth it now?

I've attached a picture of the part chipped off and the phone. Any help is appreciated! I can't test these things myself as it was a lost & found damaged phone with a passcode.

Chipped Piece

Entire Phone

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This part is responsible for the diversity&GPS antenna. You will lose all GPS/GLONASS capabilities and cellular diversity path. Which means slower download and poorer reception.


Thank you for your experience! I was able to find the owner actually, and I will pass on that information to them. Thank you!

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Where the !&&* is my answer? Why someone marked my previous answer "inappropriate"?

This part is responsible for GPS/GLONASS and cellular diversity antenna. You will lose all GPS capability and poorer cellular reception.


I saw your original answer and am going to guess that whoever was editing on the recent "wall of spam" day tagged your answer instead of the one below accidentally. Drag :(


Sad story. Who should I talt with to get my answer back?


Tom Chai, looks like this " iRobot ( 3 days ago ) " is the evil doer.iRobot seems to be somewhat temperamental and is deleting some good answers. I bet it has to do with tightening the Spam filter since we had a bad run of spamming last weekend


Thanks for the information, Spamming really is annoying.


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