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The Kenmore Elite HE3 is a washing machine by Kenmore.

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Noise and vibration on spin cycle

My machine is about 10 years old, had average use. Started clunking on Spin cycle so I took the time to dissassemble and change the inner and outer tub bearings.

I reassembled and the vibration and noise was still present. I dissasembled once again to inspect the spider arms but they look fine. The shocks also seem to be fine and I'm out of ideas and patience.

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Running out of patience when doing any repair helps cause disasters. If you're fed up with it, call a repairman.

If you're ready to tackle it again


If the washer is making a loud noise in the spin cycle, the clutch assembly might be worn out. The clutch assembly makes the connection between the transmission and the inner tub. It is designed to allow the tub to get up to the proper spin speed gradually. As the clutch wears out it may become loud during spin or just after the spin cycle finishes. The clutch is not repairable, if it is loud or not working properly it will need to be replaced.

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There is an electric motor which is attached to a pulley via a belt drive to spin the inner hub.

Where is the clutch assembly?


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