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Nintendo handheld device released February 2011, identified by model number CTR-001.

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Both screens backlight, but do not display. Why?

Blue powerlight. Volume. I can even get it to go to the 3DS firmware update menu. But I can't see anything on either screen.

After re-assembling my 3DS XL, we booted up the system to see the bottom screen turn on and the touchscreen function but got no display for the top screen. With some digging, we concluded it was the top screen LCD ribbon connector and went back to reconnect it. Indeed, the connector was crooked and we fixed it soundly.

Upon our second re-assembly, we can no longer get either screen to display anything. I have tried a great number of things, such as:

Making sure the wifi card is connected

Reseating the bottom LCD ribbon connector (I'm not sure if this is in all the way.)

Reseating the thinner ribbon connector next to the bottom LCD ribbon connector (The clasp on this connector was broken. However, it stays in like a champ and I'm confident this is not the problem)

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I can provide pictures of whatever is needed.

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Do you still have this problem??


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These are the things that I have found to cause this problem:

1) Loose connectors

2) Bad lower LCD

I doubt the lower LCD is bad in this case since it worked before. So that means that you likely have a loose ribbon cable somewhere. If it were me I would start with the cable that has the missing tab lock. Even though it stays in it might not be getting a good connection. I've seen some consoles that have a tab lock missing and even though the cable stays in just fine the cable isn't locked down on the pins how it should be so it doesn't work. These locks aren't just to keep the cable in the socket they are also to push the cable down onto the pins of the connector. So I would start with that.

The next thing I would do is go through and reseat every ribbon cable on the lower screen. They all have to be seated correctly in order for the screens to work. If one of them isn't it will cause the problem you are having.

It would help to have a pic of the cables after you reseat them so I can verify that they are seated correctly. Be sure the pics are straight on so the image angle doesn't trick me!

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I will test what you have said so far later tonight. Thank you so so so much!!!


That would be the speaker ribbon cable and yes, it's crooked and yes, it needs the clamp on it to keep it connected correctly and yes, it can cause the problems you are having.

There could be another problem causing it, but we need to fix what we know for sure is a problem first, then we can move on and look at other stuff if there is still a problem.


Great! That's good to know. Do you have any tips for how to keep it straight and uncrooked without the connector? Re-attaching the connector is basically impossible... It's far too small. But I know we had it in properly before, so I'm sure it's possible without it.

I know it can be taped in, but I don't know how to tell if it's crooked or not...

Someone who also broke it's connector tells me that it shouldn't go in 100% of the way as well and that I should leave it just slightly unplugged. Is this true?


I have no idea how to keep it straight without the connector. It is a pain to get the connector back on, but it's possible. I've had to do it before and it's not fun.

I've seen people try to hold these on with all different kinds of tape and even glue and I haven't seen anything that has worked. If it were me I would go through the trouble to put the tab back on. That's just me though.

It should go in 100% of the way. You know it's in when you can't push it in any further. The way I usually tell is just hold it back a bit and eyeball it. Keep in mind that the speaker cable is going to be very tough to get to stay in the socket correctly. The way it goes through the hinge makes it want to constantly go to one side.

I hope this helps....good luck!


We're making a lot of progress with toying around. While it seemed we were indefinitely stuck, I got the bottom screen to display again! This brings us back to square one--

I can get a bottom display but only backlighting on the top display. We haven't gotten the top to display since re-assembly. [I will tell you what I did.

First, I took the thick ribbon connector in the bottom-right corner (I believe this is for the bottom LCD display) and pressed it in much more tightly. I think I was advised to not push this one in all the way, but I was kind of out of ideas. The 3DS crashes constantly. (Powers on, popping sounds, turns back off)

Then I played with the speaker ribbon connector again. I tried getting it back in with the same technique as before, which was a light touch that just slightly adjusts it's crookedness and doesn't have it forced in as deep as it can go. Now, the 3DS either crashes or goes to the home screen with only the bottom display. Can I get you more pictures to help make sense of this?


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Are you still having this problem?

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I didn't even have to do that my mother turened it off and she told me to let it rest!

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