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create image of SSD to a bigger one?

I have a 60gb SSD and it's close to it's limit especially after taking backups on itunes!!!

Need the following questions answered for when I buy a larger SSD.

1 - is it possible to transfer everything over to the new SSD as the current one has win 7 and a few programmes which are used mainly.

2 - if I choose to just install and start from fresh, will my product key work with the new SSD (or is it tied to the board)

3 - I have programmes installed on a seperate HDD, can I simply just highlight this x86 programmes folder and delete it?


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You'll need a cloning application to copy over an image of your current data to the new drive. It makes no difference if the drive is an HD or SSD. The only issue here is you want file not block transfer as an SSD does not have tracks & sectors. Here's one: FarStone DriveClone 10.02

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Thanks Dan.

Is this straight forward to use?



Most are. Still I would strongly recommend you make a backup of anything important first.


There isn't anything importants on the SSD as it's just programs and Win 7.

What I was worried about more was, if I done a fresh install on a new drive, would I simply be able to just delete the folder called programs which is on the second hard drive which wasn't uses often, or would I get a read only type error as they would have to be uninstalled before doing all the work.


Ok, so we are not swapping out the drive but adding it as a second drive, is that correct? As to deleting folders be careful here! If you are moving things between different drives (HD or SSD) you can't delete the applications and its folder alone as you will need to edit the registry to point to the applications new location.


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