Repair guides and support for the line of photo inkjet printers by HP.

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How to disassemble hp photosmart d5160?

My hp photosmart d5160 is not working.So I want to repair it.But I don't know how to disassemble it.Please tell me how to do it.

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The control panel is secured by a single screw at the top. It can then be prised out. The left hand end cover can then be prised off, though it's a bit tricky to release it at the bottom front. You can now service the linkage which actuates the cover-open sensor, which tends to jam. It's a poor design and prone to sticking but can be eased with a bit of silicone grease.

I shall be looking to try and disassemble mine further over the coming days as I suspect a power supply problem (blinking power light). I will provide a Guide to document my progress, assuming I make any, hopefully over the next couple of weeks.

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HP D5160 disassembly guide is now complete and made public. I can report that replacement of an electrolytic capacitor cured my problem.


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