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A digital camera designed and manufactured by Sony in 2012. A 18.2 megapixel camera with Wi-Fi, GPS, and a memory card slot.

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Where can we find replacement parts for Sony DSC-HX20V?

Hy Ifixers!

I have broken my LCD of my Sony DSC-HX20V.

There no guide on Ifixit but I would to try myself (and share afterward) to fix it.

But there is a problem I don't find any site to buy remplacement parts.

I search on the Ifixit forum but I find nothing.

So I create this subjet for those whose know where simple users like us can buy Sony parts.

If you want to share your discovery or your favorite it will be cool for everyone :)

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Hey S8FX,

Looks like Sears has some great diagrams of the camera, and each diagram has the associated parts listed, and some of them are for sale. Hopefully this helps you at least find part numbers, looks like some of the parts are quite pricey. Good luck!

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