Model A1311 / Late 2009 / 3.06 or 3.33 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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GPU is toast? Tried reheating soldering points

Block Image

Block Image

I had green square artifacts on my iMac, and I read about being able to heat the gpu to reflow the soldering points.

The iMac started up just fine before, aside from the artifacts.

I heated the gpu with a creme brulee toaster (open fire) and used an IR thermometer to monitor the heat. Probably heated for 20 minutes until the GPU reached 210-215 degrees C. (420F) I had aluminum foil around the gpu and had cut open so the gpu was exposed.

Now the screen is black, and the fan is running on low speed when I try to start it. No start up chime either. Is the GPU toast?

I think I probably went too high, heres a pic (underneath unfortunately, heated on top of the gpu only)

Block Image

It is a discrete card.

Will this gpu fit my iMac? Is it worthwile replacing it?

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You'll need a ATI Radeon HD 4670 with 256MB of onboard RAM, Apples P/N 661-5308. You should be able to find one for about $130. At this point I would say its worth the gamble.

Next time hold off on the open flame method ;-}

We only use heat guns and even still we don't roast our GPU's, only our Thanksgiving turkeys. I do love a good creme brûlée though ;-}

While I know people swear heating up the GPU will fix these problems we have noted it's only a temporary fix. You see, the solder under the chip has degraded, unless you take the chip off and fully clean it and the board down you just not fixing it. Now the other shoe here... Heating up the chip to the point you can pull it off often kills it (as you have discovered). Which is why we don't waste the effort trying to salvage the graphics boards in iMacs, we only replace them.

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Where would you find one for $130? Ebay?


Do a Goggle search on the PN (661-5308) I'm sure you'll find one and maybe even cheaper! Just be careful on how you pay for it.


+ going by the attached image, it sure looks like it got toasted alright....a reflow with the right equipment can be a fix (reball would be the proper way to go) don't use an open flame, and never for 20minutes


Is it worth it? What would I have to pay to get this serviced?

Not sure if it looks like one or two resistors fell off, hard to judge from the image.


Swapping the graphics board is something you can do as you clearly have already managed to take the logic board out already. Is it worth it? it depends on what your needs are. This is not a bad system for surfing and word processing. If heavy graphics gaming is your thing you'll be pushing this system.


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