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What is wrong with my iMac?

I have a iMac g5 that had a broken logic board and power supply. I replaced the logic board and power supply and now the iMac will start up. But the problem is something is wrong with the operating system. It will just load when turned on and the fans will get fast and then shut down. The hardware is fine. But I tried putting in the install disks and holding command c but while booting the screen will be white for 10 seconds and then continues to load again and do nothing. What do I do to fix it? I heard I might need to replace the hard drive and do a install but I don't know. Does anyone have any ideas what to do to fix it. - thanks

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If you have the grey recovery Cd/DVD that came with the system you should be able to get the system to boot up with it in the optical drive within the system.

If you can't get your system to boot up with the optical drive you may still have a logic board issue or the optical drive needs cleaning.

If you still can't get the system going you'll need to open the system again and check your connections.

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Thanks man for commenting but I already tryed the DVD install. It ejected it. I'm going to replace hard drive because I wanna 1 tv and do a install on that one. But you might be right on cleaning the disk drive do you have any idea how I do that?


Hold on here! If the disk was rejected are you sure you re-started the system correctly? Review this Apple TN: Startup key combinations for Intel-based Macs


I would hold off on altering things until you can get the recovery Cd/DVD to load up. Then you can check things out before spending any money.


You'll need to pickup a CD/DVD head cleaning disk which has a very small brush to clean off the lasers lens. Also you could try a small blast of can'ed air make sure none of the liquid exits as that will fog the lens.


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