Please help ASAP by myself phone screen black,blue line in middle

Hi , I dropped my phone , it's still working as can hear phone ring but screen is black with blue lines

,white line at across top ,faded pink line across at bottom, have done re boot , but not sure next step as been reading it could be contnectos or screen ?? Thank u so much in advance x

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The LCD is faulty and needs to be replaced. There's nothing you can do to revive it as the actual screen is damaged, so there's not an option to just have the glass replaced (which isn't done these days anyway)

Not to worry, this is easily repaired by any authorized outlet or phone repair shop. Or, you can try this yourself and grab a 3rd party high quality LCD replacement for £15 off eBay. But if you have no experience in this field I would recommend taking it to a phone repair specialist in your area.

Don't worry about everything else, the phone should be fine it's just the screen that's causing the visibility issues.

Hope this helps.

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