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Can you use 616-0434 battery with a 616-0431 phone?


As in the title: Can you use 616-0434 battery to replace 616-0431? I bought a new battery and I'm having some issues with it.

It's not charging. It shows the plugged in symbol instead of the lightning bolt when connected to the charger. The percentage dosn't work, it stays the same forever. I leave it all day charging and it stays 6% and dies in a few minutes of use proving it actualy didn't charge a bit. I charge it by turning the phone off and leaving it plugged in for the night. It works normally with the old battery.

So I was wondering if I can use the phone with this battery without causing any damage?

Thank you for your time.

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Hi John,

You might want to be interested in THE DEFINITIVE ANSWER ON BATTERY APNs here on


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Thanks. I have looked at this before. Guess it will be fine with its new battery anyway. If something goes wrong I'll just get a new Samsung.


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