Released in 2012, this laptop features a Core i7 processor, dedicated Nvidia 620M GPU, and a 1080p display.

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I broke the touchpad locker


i broke the touchpad locker and now the touchpad doesnt work all the time... any idea how to make it stable? maybe glew or something else

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im talking about the one that holds the touchpad cable to the touchpad bios itself . i have found in older laptops parts that might do the job. glue doesn't work tho.

using usb mouse in the mean time

i will keep u updat

thanks a lot


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You may want to review this blog thread: Asus trackpad issues - Notebook Review. It appears there is a bunch of issues with the systems BIOS & Trackpad drivers.

You may want to speak directly with Asus as there are some updates available.

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