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Can I transfer my Samsung intel core i7+NVIDIA card to Asus laptop


I'm on the verge of getting a new Asus laptop since my old Samsung Chronos 7 laptop hard drive is completely broken. The Samsung laptop has intel core i7 qand an NVIDIA card: is there any way I can transfer them? Thank you for your time I really appreciate it

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Hi olivebella,

No, there is not a way to transfer this over to your new laptop. Laptops are, by far and large, not modular and do not have the ability to do much more than upgrade hard drive and ram. There is no way to properly transfer over the chip and card, mostly because the motherboards of these laptops are designed with a finite set of chip/video combinations from the factory.

I would love to see a push for a modular laptop in the future. I was sure I'd see something of this nature before we saw it in mobile phones but project ara looks like it would take off before modular laptops.

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I'm also amazed and how it hasn't been done yet


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