White screen on boot with optical drive connected?

Hello friends, I am repairing a friend's macbook and am thoroughly baffled at this point. He spilled water on it so I had to replace the logic board. I did this and cleaned some corrosion off of the dc in board, but that seemed to be working fine. After that it successfully booted. Then the optical drive stopped working. He put in a disc and it would read, but it would not eject. It would spin quickly and the fans were on overtime as well. I replaced the optical drive, but now it boots to a white screen when it is connected. No chime, just a white screen. Cant get to the option menu either. So I tried disconnecting the optical drive. Then it boots just fine as before. In fact, if I disconnect the optical drive while it is at the white screen, it will boot as if nothing happened. I could just leave the optical drive out but he wants to be able to import cd's. Please help! This makes no sense to me. And please don't tell me to reset pram or smc.

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Have you done a Safe boot with the new optical drive connected (could it be a wrong/bad extension (aka driver) for the different optical drive?

Tried booting from a different volume with the optical drive in?

Try a different cable to the optical drive.

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I will give that a shot, thank you


Guess it was the ribbon cable because I tried another and it worked. Or maybe it just wasn't seated proper but it's working now so that's all that matters. Thanks


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