Video RAM error - Error code - 2NYD/1/4: 2086

Powerbook display won't come up after grey apple boot image. All I see is a greyish white screen with dark grey distorted horizontal lines in the middle of the screen. Tried safe mode boot and also ran AHT that showed the VRAM issue "Error code - 2NYD/1/4: 2086". How do I resolve this? I am in India now so trying to resolve this on my own, if I can. Please advise, thank you!

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Venkata, mayer is absolutely right. Big question here is what are your resources to try to fix or replace your computer?


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Your GPU will need to be reworked. Here is the Apple discussion on the problem along with links to companies that do the work.

The problem is that it's not worth the money to fix it. Pull the hard drive and sell it on eBay for parts. Tell them the error you get so that someone with a rework station will know what it needs and can fix it for the cost of the chip.

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Thank you, Mayer! I will try to find a used working logic board, that should work, I guess.


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