LCD Backlight fail but come back sometimes. Diagnostic?


The backlight of my A1226 Laptop no works, i can see the image in the screen but without light, works fine with external monitor. I purchase a new LED Driver but don't fix the problem. After a few weeks with this issue the backlight come back but until i shut down the laptop, then, next time backlight no works again. In second time, after maybe two weeks the backlight come back again, this time i try to unplug the LED Driver without shut down the laptop for connect the new LED Driver that i purchased for testing, when i unplug the Logic Board wire from the LED Driver with the Laptop on, the backlight no works again, i connect the new LED Driver (and the old original) but backlight no works anymore.

Is this a suggestion of what can fail?

I don't know if i have a screen problem, Logic board problem or LED Driver purchased problem.

Additonal information: the screen since time ago (when works) shows some dark vertical columns. Like this:

UPDATE: Today (22.01.15), right now, in the same time that i plug the AC adapter, the LCD Backlight turns on (With the purchased LED Driver, then, i can say that works), but with the laptop OFF, only plugged, then turn on the laptop and works, until i will turn off the laptop again i assume.

Thanks for your attention.


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deop, explain this "to disconnect the LED Driver" a bit better. Not sure what you are referring too. what driver? Also "shows some dark vertical columns." this needs to be clarified.


Hello oldturkey03,

First thanks for your attention.

Sorry about my english. I edit the message i expect now is better. Anyway i mean that i change the Led Driver without shut down the laptop for try to not loose the backlight but the backlight turn off. I add a link from intternet with the dark columns.



try this Just press ctrl+shift+eject -> that sleeps your LCD Display and then press this combination again. This is a backlight issue and most likely an LCD panel issue.I don't think it's an LED driver board issue.


BTW, if that is your screenshot, get a more neutral background. your emails are not a good public posting.


I try it, but nothing changes. Don't worry is just a screenshot from google images.

There are another test that can i do? for assure the issue.

I don't want buy another wrong spare.

Thank you for your answer.



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