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Model A1502 / 2.4, 2.6, or 2.8 GHz dual-core Intel processor / Released October 2013

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Bottom half of screen is black

So I was a tv show on a website and it was on full screen. When I was done I exited full screen and entered another tab. When I entered the tab the bottom half (more than half actually) of the screen turned black and I tried to reset things and I did many things and it still doesn't work.

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Did you try it on an external? I ask because this question is what brought me to iFixit 5 years ago and I still don't have an answer. top half of screen is greyed out


Mayer did you ever fix it? This system uses LED back lights (unlike your older model). I've never seen a half lit screen issue with the Retina series. I have seen every other LED off problem which was the WLED driver chip on the logic bd. In your system with the CFL's a dimly lit was all I've seen with the weak or burnt CFL. A sharp edged dark area (or half screen) always pointed me to a bad driver logic issue on the back of the LCD which is not really repairable.


Dan, I've seen several of these half screen issues on different machines in the last five years that I've been watching. I've tried to tag them all as I did this one. You might take a look and see what you think. I don't think there has ever been a resolution.


A sharp edged blackened area is a bad driver logic issue. Often a bang on the lid dislodges the circuitry. Sometimes pressing on the left or right sides or a slight twisting might reconnect broken connections which is how I often can tell if the lid was banged. Sometimes the logic just dies (possible ESD damage). Of course when that happens nothing beforehand can explain it. I suspect these cases are repairs with some one that was careless with the ESD protection.


Mayer whats the tag you used so I can review them.


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Ouch! Not good ;-{

If the laptops screen stays that way when showing the desktop and you've tried an external display which doesn't show any problems:

> Your LCD display driver logic likely has a problem. This logic is part of the LCD its self and not repairable, or the LVDS cable is damaged. You'll need a new lid assembly as these displays are not really serviceable.

If the external monitor is showing the same problem you have a logic board issue. Did your system get wet or sat on a wet surface at some point?

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So my laptop can't even be fixed if I sent it to a repair shop?


Not quite following you here: Yes its repairable (in the case of the display) it the logic board is bad you might think about a new system as the cost is getting close to a new one but its still repairable. Apple will be the cheapest to repair the logic board as they offer a bench fee and will fix what ever needs fixing for the base fee plus the cost of the part/s. If you're upto it you could replace the display assembly your self.


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