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Repair information and guides for the Apple iPhone 5c that was announced on September 10, 2013. Model: A1532, A1456

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How do you fix a screen with dark, flickering horizontal lines across

So a few months ago I dropped my iPhone 5c and the top right corner had a very small crack and at first didnt seem to affect the screens light but eventually it started to have horizontal lines across the screen and the screen is very dark (I can still see what I was clicking on but it was difficult) and then after a few days the screen became unresponsive(all black) but it the phone would still make noises and vibrate, so my phone wasn't completely broken. About a week ago I started doing research and I read that if you take the cover off and press on the plate covering the cord that leads to the screen you might make it responsive again. This worked kind of because now the screen isn't totally unresponsive, it's just very dark and has horizontal lines running across it. Do I need a screen replacement? Do I need to actually unscrew the plate and look at the cords? Thank you!

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I dropped mine too recently and it's doing the same thing, dude, just get it replaced like I am. That's the safest way to go about it if you want a phone that works decently.


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Use this guide to remove the screen assembly, clean the connectors on the board using a cotton swab dipped in 90%+ isopropyl alcohol, then gently and properly reseating the connectors.

Then reboot your phone: press and hold power button + home button for ~12 seconds; restart your phone.

If this solves something, great.

If not (and I believe it won't help much because you seem to have a damaged screen assembly), use that same guide to replace the screen assembly altogether.

iPhone 5c Screen Görseli


iPhone 5c Screen


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Thank you for responding so what exactly is the problem? Screen, cords? Thanks in advance!


In my opinion, probably screen cords and/or LCD, and since everything is fused and welded together, you will have to replace at least this display assembly and transfer the small parts. Or the whole screen assembly that comes with all the small parts.


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I am facing the same issue with my iPhone 5s, I have tried to contact with iCare they said it will be replaced with the exhange of money ..

Please help me to fix it.

Thanks in advance

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hi, you need to unscrew the phone (watch a YouTube video how to do this) and you need to reattach the cables under the silver screwed panel in the top right hand corner and then attach them again. this should work- watch this video to help you.

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bold textMy phone is doing light ficker

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I give my phone to service, they changed the battery, but the phone is not switching on, only apple logo on and off and later on, vertical lines appears on top of the screen. When I opened the screen, I found that the cover plate on the cables of the screen was missing. The serviceman removed the plate and I don't know why ?

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You should probably avoid bringing devices to this person in the future unless he describes why and with a logical explanation. You can buy plates on eBay usually with the screws for it.

Unfortunately, I doubt the lack of plate is really affecting the display (I leave all my plates and many screws out of my personal phone without issue) it sounds like the glass circuitry. In some cases that glass circuitry can break without damage to the outer glass.


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