How to replace network card from a laptop from beginning to end?

I have a Samsung NP300V5A. My ethernet is not working and no light is flashing when I hook network cable into the laptop ever since I dropped my laptop on hardfloor.

1) How to replace network card from a laptop from beginning to end?

2)What tools do I need?

3)Where can I purchase the parts?

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I can't say for sure here: Most laptops today have intergraded Ethernet port within the main logic boards Platform Controller Hub logic.

You may find the cost of repairing this is more expensive than getting an external USB3 Ethernet adapter like this one: USB 3.0 to Gigabit Ethernet NIC Network Adapter (10/100/1000).

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I'd still look in the socket where the cable goes for debris, followed by changing the cable. Dan is correct the controller is on the logic/main board.


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