The second generation of the iPad with Wi-Fi, GSM and CDMA models. Some models were refreshed before the iPad 3. Repair is difficult and requires heat and prying.

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screen slide not working

Just replaced the screen and LCD. Before I glued the screen I wanted to try it to make sure everything worked. Unit turns on but the "slide to unlock" doesn't work. All the other buttons seem to work. Could I have gotten a bad screen from IFIXIT?

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after playing around it seems that the top portion works but the bottom, and the key pad do not. I thought the digitized was included with the screen.


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sounds like you don't have the ribbon cable that comes from the LCD pushed in far enough. make sure it is pushed in all they way to the dotted lines meet the top og the female end and that you have the clips up while pushing it in and all the way down after wards.

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That plus adding tape to the back side of the connector solved the problem. Thanks


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