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Repair and disassembly guides for Kenmore Microwaves.

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symptom of a blown appliance fuse?

Microwave started, then a loud bang and it stopped. Will not restart. Circuit breaker OK

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First call your life insurance agent and make sure your policy is up to date. Next call some high school drop out that repairs these killers. Use your iPhone or iPad to tape the action for uTube. Then go buy a new one.

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You must be bored with your job & I understand how repetitive it must be as well as a number of questions aren't even using common sense but the choice was yours, however, these people are in need of help not a smart comment or an employee that disgraces Mac Hale Enterprises. I am NOT usually one to even blink @ smut but your level of customer Service & expertice is nill. I only ran across this looking for an answer for my question.


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Normally most microwaves have a internal fuse on the circuit board thats sits on top of the fan

This normally blows for a reason

The most common 1 I remember is the lightbulb blows taking out fuse

A loud bang is not a good thing it is normally a component destroying itself

With a electricial short

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There are multiple reasons your microwave may have blown the fuse. The most common being a bad door switch. If you heard a loud noise that sounded like maybe a buzzing or high voltage shorting to ground. It’s likely that your magnetron has shorted to the wave guide there’s not really any fix for that as the wave guide is part of the frame, therefore, the new Magnetron, if it were replaced, would do the same thing. I have been repairing appliances for 15 years.

There is a high voltage capacitor in there that can kill you even after unplugged, unless you know what you’re doing, I would suggest just replacing the microwave.


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